Francois Flameng

François Flameng, 1856-1923 - French artist. Son of the famous engraver Leopold Flameng. Studied at the Paris School of Fine Arts with Alexandre Cabanel, also studied with Jean-Paul Laurent and Edmond Edouin. Initially he was known for his paintings on historical subjects and portraits, and became a professor at the Academy of Fine Arts. His murals have adorned buildings such as the Sorbonne. He also wrote commercial works as advertising, developed the design of banknotes for the French franc. Was a Knight of the Legion of Honor. Knight of the Legion of Honor. During the First World War, Leopold Flameng dramatically changed both the theme and the style of his works, depicting military operations. For battle painting, he was elected Honorary President of the Society of Battle Artists, his works are considered realistic documentary evidence of the First World War. On the other hand, a number of critics ridiculed his paintings as being too realistic and not heroic enough. Most of the works of the war cycle were donated to the War Museum in 1920.