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Published 8/6/14
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Castle De Haar is akin to the phoenix. He is just as beautiful and has risen from the ashes many times. Today, you will not find a more luxurious and picturesque castle not only in Utrecht, where it is located, but in the whole of Holland.

Everything that can be seen in the castle today is the creation of the famous architect Peter Kuypers, who restored the lion's share of architectural monuments in Holland. In 1892, the Rothschild family invested a fabulous amount in the reconstruction of the castle and the ruins turned into an example of the neo-Gothic style. The history of the castle is dramatic. In 1391, the stone fortress became the fiefdom of the De Haar family. But the castle did not belong to this noble family for long.

After 50 years, the heir to the title died childless, and the castle began to belong to the Zoulen family, who came from the same ancestral branch. In 1482, only ruins remained on the site of the fortified stronghold. Castle De Haar was taken by storm and burned. Only minor defensive structures remained. At the beginning of the 16th century, it was rebuilt, but the unfortunate star again played its role. In 1641 Johann van Zoulen van der Haar died, and the castle began to die slowly.

The miracle happened in 1890, when he was inherited by Etienne Gustav Frederick, Baron van Zoulen van der Haar, and he was married to Baroness Helene de Rothschild. The wealthy heiress decided to give her husband a truly royal gift. She decided to restore his ancestral nest. It took Kuypers 20 years for De Haar Castle to appear in its dizzying splendor. The castle has 200 living quarters, 30 bathrooms. Only a small number on the ground floor are open for viewing.

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Татьяна А
Татьяна А , 8/18/14, 10:25:43 AM
Спасибо большое,Ирина!Замок один из красивейших!И очень интересно собирается!!!  
Елена Машкова
Елена Машкова , 9/23/15, 7:10:25 AM

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