The picture is a scroll. "Qingming Festival on the Bianhe River" (4)

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Gradually, the river narrows, and in the narrowest place a wooden arch bridge hangs above it.
The most famous part of this 11-meter scroll is the rainbow bridge (虹橋). It is here that the largest and busiest gathering of townspeople is observed. Numerous merchants' shops are located on the bridge.
A large passenger ship rushes under the bridge, the mast on which is lowered so as not to touch the bridge arch, and the ship moves by the force of rowers and barge haulers. The rowers are commanded by the leader, several people are watching so that the ship does not bump into the bridge structure, one of the crew is visible screaming at the top of his lungs. Passers-by and onlookers have gathered on the bridge, they are watching the progress of the ship.

Further houses were lined up in close rows. On the street, the flow of people has increased significantly, the awnings of trade shops are visible ... We are approaching the city walls of the medieval Chinese city of Kaifeng, the imperial capital, one of the greatest cities in the world.

* Bianhe 汴河 - an important artery for the delivery of tax collections to the capital, 650 km long. It originates in the Huang He of Henan Province and flows into the Huai He in Jiangsu Province, flowing through Kaifeng. In view of the strategically important role of this river, the imperial court, in order to ensure uninterrupted navigation, constantly monitored the proper maintenance of the dams surrounding the river and the cleaning of the bottom of the accumulation of silt. The imperial court rightly considered the supervision of the Bianhe navigation to be extremely important. The great encyclopedic scientist Shen Ko (沈括 1029-1093), who in 1072 was sent to inspect the Bianhe channel along the entire course of the river. Shen Ko completed the task with his usual pedantic accuracy and drew up a map, the maximum error of which did not exceed three centimeters. ; according to the recommendations developed by him, appropriate measures were taken to correct the state of affairs in Bianhe.

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чаща , 3/16/14, 9:12:13 PM
Внизу полотна полоска как недорамка, подрежьте ее, пожалуйста  

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