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Pieces 120
Size 600x720
Complexity simple
Added nata-2
Published 1/27/14
Players 115
Best time 00:04:19
Average time 00:22:16
In 1664, the icon was placed in a niche specially arranged for it, located on the outer side of the wall, in front of the entrance to the monastery refectory. Once a referee named Nil passed by the icon at night and came so close to it that the soot from the lighted lamp fell on the face of the Mother of God. At that moment, Neal heard a voice saying: "From now on, do not come here with a lighted torch and do not smoke My image."
Neal calmed himself, thinking that someone was making fun of him from the brethren and continued to deliberately smoke her face. Then he again heard a voice: "Monk, unworthy of this name, how long do you so carelessly and shamelessly smoke My image." After which Neil instantly went blind. And only then did he understand from whom the unknown voice really emanated, but, being a monk, he took the punishment for granted.
In the morning the brethren of the monastery found Nile prostrate and praying in front of the image. The icon was worshiped, the icon lamp was lit. The negligent Nile himself every day tearfully prayed to the Mother of God to forgive his sin and did not leave the icon. After a while, his prayer was heard, and one day, when he was quietly crying at the icon, a quiet voice was heard:
“Neal, your prayer has been answered. I forgive you and again give sight to your eyes. To erect the brethren of the monastery, that I am their protection and protection of the monastery dedicated to the archangels. Let them and all the Orthodox come to Me in need, and I will not leave anyone. To all who call upon Me, I will be the Representative, and at My intercession My Son will fulfill their requests. And My icon will be called "The Hearing One", because I will show mercy and quick hearing to all those who come to her. "
After these words, the Nile received his sight and the news of his cure instantly spread across Athos. In the Docharia Monastery, a special and constant celebration was established, for which the passage to the refectory, at the entrance to which the icon was located, was closed and a semblance of a chapel was installed. Not far from the icon, a temple was built in honor of the image of the Quick-Hearted. An elected monk stood in front of the icon, watching the icon lamps and performing prayers

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фёдоровна , 3/4/14, 7:58:44 PM
Отлично !  
Надежда Морозова
Надежда Морозова , 3/7/14, 5:22:26 PM
какая чистота красота и величие!!!  
ЛІСОВИК , 5/21/14, 7:30:52 AM
красота, нежность и любов!!!!!  

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