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Italian racing driver, born July 13, 1974 in Pescara.
Trulli was engaged in karting as a child, but he came to professional racing late. Jarno won the Italian Karting Championship and then the European Championship. After that he moved to Formula 3 and won the German Championship in 1996.
In 1997 he made his Australian Grand Prix debut with the Minardi Hart team. Right in the middle of the season, Trulli left the team and moved to the faster Prost Peugeot. 2008 turned out to be less impressive: the team suffered from unreliable engines and Trulli often ended the race with a burned out engine, and sometimes he could not even start. In 1998, he scored the only point for the team for 6th place in the Belgian Grand Prix and in 1999 became the leader of the team.
2000-2001 led the Jordan Mugen-Honda team.
2002-2004 was the pilot of the Renault team. Trulli had a bright start to the 2004 championship, scoring points in each race, starting from pole position for the first time in the prestigious race in Monaco. In the same race, he won for the first time in his career, in a bitter struggle. However, the end of the season for the Italian was spoiled by a number of retirements and unsuccessful finishes and he left the team.
2004-2009 Trulli spent in the Toyota team. Trulli and his new partner Ralf Schumacher performed successfully in 2005, leading the team to fourth place in the constructors' championship. Jarno himself finished three times on the podium (two of them in a row in second place). In 2009, in Bahrain, Jarno earned pole position for the first time since 2005 and set the fastest lap time for the first time, but came only third. Also at this Grand Prix, Trulli earned his 10th anniversary podium and completed the 10,000th anniversary lap of the race.
2010-2011 and Trulli spent in Lotus Cosworth (Lotus Renault)

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