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Pieces 336
Size 1260x960
Complexity normal
Added nata-2
Published 11/4/13
Players 44
Best time 00:12:39
Average time 01:16:19
Ingredients: Lamb, beef, chicken, salt, spices for pilaf, carrots (yellow and red), onions, chicken eggs, rice, vegetable oil, zigir-eg oil, fat tail fat, cumin, barberry, small sweet raisins, chickpeas (boiled), cranberries, saffron infusion - to taste and number of eaters.
Firstly, there are a lot of different meats: both lamb and beef, and the chicken will fall under your hands, so let's go the chicken to the cauldron! But first, salt and spices - let the meat be salted, because it has to be cooked in large pieces. A holiday!
Secondly, let's not cut the carrots as usual! For example, from the middle and further, where it is thicker - in cubes, and from the nose starting to the middle - in coins. Let the "coins" from carrots symbolize material wealth!
Place the eggs in cold water, bring to a boil, turn off the heating after five minutes, but do not remove the eggs from the hot water for another ten minutes. Let eggs symbolize numerous offspring. Cut the onion into half rings. If the rice is sorted out and soaked, then you can start cooking! We use a fairly ordinary, inexpensive Uzbek rice of the "kakir" variety - the closest analogue to Krasnodar.
Let's bake the meat instead of roasting it in the first step! Yes, why? Let's make the crust darker, but let it remain juicy inside. If you cook in a conventional oven without computer "brains", then you need to warm it up to 180-190C, and put a frying pan with boiling water below so that the humidity in the oven is high. You don't need to cook for long - 20-30 minutes. In the meantime, it is necessary to warm up the cauldron and pour oil into it. The bow will be the first to go to the cauldron. As soon as the onion begins to change color and decrease in size, that's enough to fry it. Dip the carrots into the cauldron. Add cumin. We spread the eggs. When the eggs turn yellow, you can proceed to the next stage of pilaf cooking. First we spread the carrots in circles. Then a little water to barely cover the contents and on top of the water the meat. On top are pieces of fat tail fat. All! It remains to sprinkle all the splendor of barberry, small sweet and sour raisins and ready-made peas. Cover the cauldron, reduce the heat to absolutely minimum and do other things for about forty minutes, and preferably an hour. Before laying the rice, the meat will need to be removed from the cauldron. With rice, everything is as usual. Smooth out, fill with water, increase the heating under the cauldron to the maximum. When all the water is absorbed into the rice, but it is still a little "alive" - not crunch on the teeth, but provide them with some resistance, it is necessary to collect the rice in a heap. Spread the meat around the rice. At the top of the rice mountain, make a depression with a spoon, like a mouth near a volcano, and put red barberry or cranberries here.
Serving such pilaf is a separate work. Remove the meat from the rice and cut some of it into cubes. Separately remove cranberries or red barberry. Round carrots will come across - and put them aside, you will need them. Cut the fat tail and some of the eggs into slices. Stir the rice with the carrots, shake it so that it lies loose to straighten. And lay out on a platter so that it is beautiful!

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Света Мухамадуллина
Света Мухамадуллина , 11/23/13, 9:15:44 PM
Такая вкуснота .  
irina69 , 12/14/13, 4:54:51 PM
а не тот ли это Сталик ХАНКИШИЕВ? (есть отдельный тэг из 2х пазлов)  

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