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Pieces 150
Size 600x900
Complexity simple
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Published 9/3/13
Players 49
Best time 00:10:24
Average time 00:23:19
Marguerite de Valois (1553-1615), also known as "Queen Margot" - a French princess, daughter of King Henry II and Catherine de Medici. In 1572-1599 she was the wife of Henry de Bourbon, king of Navarre, who, under the name of Henry IV, took the French throne.
From an early age, Marguerite de Valois was distinguished by rare beauty, independent disposition and - very early - an addiction to love adventures, to say the least. Rumor attributes her lovers to her almost from the age of eleven, and there is reason to fear that the rumor does not lie. However, young Margarita was distinguished not only by a stormy temperament, but also by a sharp mind, and she received an excellent education: she knew both Latin and Greek, philosophy and literature, and she herself was fluent in the pen.
Her marriage to Henry of Navarre, concluded by no means out of passion, but only "in mind", was from the very beginning tinged with blood: the Bartholomew Massacre, which broke out on the night of their wedding, for many years determined both the development of events in the royal family and the relationship of the spouses - not at all reverently amorous, but businesslike partnerships.
Queen Margot's sunset was sad: unable to come to terms with the fact that beauty and youth were gone forever, she clung to all the new love stories, which now looked more like a farce than an idyll; she would have looked a laughing stock at court if it had not been for her former glory, and probably would have been soon forgotten by descendants, if not the great Dumas, who immortalized “Queen Margot” and created her unfading glory of the most beautiful queen and the most irresistible woman in France.

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