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Published 8/26/13
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Cromwell Oliver (1599-1658), English politician, Lord Protector of England.
A native of small nobility, a fanatical Puritan, Cromwell was more than once elected a member of the British Parliament. He became one of the activists of the party that advocated limiting the power of the monarch, against the "papist" reforms in the Church of England (strengthening the power of the bishops, etc.).
In 1640, as a member of the so-called Long Parliament, Cromwell was actively involved in the revolution that began in England.
Thanks to his leadership talent, popularity and dexterous political intrigues, Cromwell led the parliamentary army during the first civil war (1642-1646) and after its end he, at the head of the extreme Puritans (Independents), opposed parliament and carried out a military coup. In 1648, after defeating the remnants of the supporters of the king and the parliamentary party (Presbyterians) in the second civil war, Cromwell took the first steps towards the establishment of a one-man dictatorship. In the proclaimed republic, Cromwell took the highest military post of Lord General.
In 1650-1652. Cromwell went on a military campaign against Ireland and Scotland, which fell away from England during the revolution and conquered these territories again. Thus, under his rule all the former possessions of the English crown were united.
In 1653, Cromwell was proclaimed Lord Protector of England, Scotland and Ireland. In fact, he has arrogated to himself royal powers. In his new post, Cromwell successfully ended the war with Holland (1654) and began a war with Spain (1656), which went on with varying success. After the death of the dictator (September 3, 1658, London) his son Richard Cromwell was declared the protector, quickly overthrown by the generals. The outbreak of civil war ended with the restoration of the monarchy.

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