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Pieces 408
Size 1200x850
Complexity advanced
Added На-та-лья
Published 13.02.2015
Players 73
Best time 00:08:50
Average time 02:04:19
Paris, the most romantic city in the world. A place where dreamy lovers stroll hand in hand along the Seine or linger in the street cafes that speak French, the "language of love". A city in which beauty strikes us at every corner, with its elegant architecture, iconic monuments, and a subtle blend of art, history and nature, creating the perfect canvas on which love can be born and painted into its own masterpiece.

Standing over the city is the most romantic place, the Eiffel Tower. With its sparkling lights illuminating the evening's birthdays, couples share romantic moments, wedding engagements and honeymoons that create memories that will last forever.

Thomas Kinkade loved Paris and the great tradition of artists and work that flowed from his studio for centuries. He often painted the city, always capable of its magnificent surroundings and romantically "magic" in the air.

The Thomas Kinkade Vault represents a romantic dream of Paris. Find yourself while walking with your loved one down his streets or through this canvas masterpiece, and you will understand why Paris is called, the city of love.

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лероф , 15.02.2015 12:05:58
Очень красиво! Спасибо!  

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