Zou Chuan’an

Chinese artist Zou Chuan'an was born in 1941. She is a member of the China Artists Association. Zou Chuan'an is considered one of the leading national artists. Zou has been painting since childhood. He paints his works with ink and mineral paints, in the traditional Chinese painting style of Gunbi on the theme "Flowers and Birds". Carefully drawn contour lines, mineral paints are durable and more vibrant. Such paintings are usually used to decorate the interiors of Chinese palaces. Zou creates soulful pictures of the life of birds and flowers.

Jigsaw puzzle: Poppies Poppies
  •  192
  •  34
  •  4.9
Jigsaw puzzle: Ducks Ducks
  •  800
  •  37
  •  4.9
Jigsaw puzzle: Lotuses Lotuses
  •  612
  •  26
  •  4.6
Jigsaw puzzle: Tangerines Tangerines
  •  220
  •  77
  •  4.6