William Henry Margetson

The English illustrator William Henry Margetson (1861-1940) was best known to the public as the author of romantic portraits. His beautiful women of the Victorian era, captured in pictures in fashionable dresses and hats, in exquisite interiors and lush gardens, were popular and in great demand. And it is not surprising, because each of them is not just the personification of beauty and tenderness, but a reflection of an entire era, romantic, sentimental and incredibly beautiful.

Jigsaw puzzle: Margarita Margarita
  •  280
  •  14
  •  4.7
Jigsaw puzzle: Rest on the pond Rest on the pond
  •  693
  •  18
  •  4.8
Jigsaw puzzle: Outdoors Outdoors
  •  180
  •  15
  •  4.7