Stone Roberts

Stone Roberts is a contemporary American artist. Born 1951 and raised in Asheville, North Carolina. Studied at Yale University and Tyler School of the Arts at Temple University in Philadelphia. He quickly made a name for himself with his realistic lush painting of interiors, portraits, cityscapes and still lifes, inspired by the work of Dutch masters of the 17th century and French academic painters of the early 19th century. Stone Roberts also paints still lifes (based on flowers and fruits) and cityscapes. The impression from his paintings is ambiguous - it is reality and inconsistency, that is, the style of painting is realistic, but the composition itself is incredible.

Jigsaw puzzle: Still life with dahlias Still life with dahlias
  •  208
  •  14
  •  4.8
Jigsaw puzzle: Deep sleep Deep sleep
  •  210
  •  226
  •  4.7
Jigsaw puzzle: The fortuneteller The fortuneteller
  •  192
  •  19
  •  4.9