John Powell

John Powell was born in 1930 into an artist's family. Since childhood, he also took a great interest in painting. After graduating from high school, he entered the navy in Japan. After 2 years of service in the Navy, he entered the university in Mexico City. It was here that John became interested in Mexican painting. When he returned to the United States, he became involved in painting and collecting antiques. Collected antiques and flowers from his own garden became the main objects of his bright and colorful paintings. The flowers and colors in John Powell's paintings are incredible!

Jigsaw puzzle: Bright bouquet Bright bouquet
  •  280
  •  20
  •  4.9
Jigsaw puzzle: Flowering time Flowering time
  •  368
  •  25
  •  4.9
Jigsaw puzzle: Room in flowers Room in flowers
  •  221
  •  23
  •  4
Jigsaw puzzle: Veranda in flowers Veranda in flowers
  •  154
  •  20
  •  4.9