Johann Zoffany

Johann Zoffany, at birth Johannes Josephus Zauffely (Johann Josephus Zoffany, at birth Johann Joseph Zauffely) (1733-1810) is a German neoclassical artist who worked most of his life in England. His work is exhibited in many famous British galleries such as the National Gallery in London, the Tate Gallery and in the Royal Collection, Oxford. The artist is a wonderful, little-known in our country, not quite ordinary, who created his own original world.
Was born in Frankfurt. Studied in Regensburg under Martin Speer and later in Rome; in 1760, together with Januarius Zeke, he worked on the decoration of the Royal Palace in Trier. In 1761 he left for London. Here he discovers theater-inspired painting. Here Zoffani also completed several works on fantastic subjects, as well as life-size portraits.
In addition to canvases on theater themes, of which he remains one of the brightest masters, his "interview scenes" were also appreciated by the royal family. Paintings painted for George III introduced the free depiction of aristocratic families into English painting. A series of portraits of the royal family are kept in the royal collections.