Friedrich August Mathias Gauermann

Friedrich August Mathias Gauermann (1807 - 1862) Austrian painter and graphic artist. In 1822-1827 he studied at the Vienna Academy of Arts, but to a large extent he developed as a talented self-taught artist. Friedrich August Mathias Gauermann was a highly renowned and sought-after landscape painter. An example for him was the work of Dutch masters of the late Middle Ages and the Renaissance, thanks to which he became one of the founders of such an artistic movement as the Viennese naturalistic landscape. After the resounding success of the exhibition of his works that took place in 1830, the artist begins to "inhabit" his forest and mountain landscapes with images of various animals, which becomes typical of his works. In the years 1830-1840, he received numerous orders from representatives of the Viennese aristocracy for such canvases, which provided the artist with very high earnings. After the death of the artist, 1185 paintings and 174 drawings remained, which were sold by his widow at auction. In 1870, a street (Gauermanngasse) was named after the artist in Vienna. In 2007, on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the birth of Friedrich August Mathias Gauermann, a special postage stamp was issued in his honor by the Austrian post.

Jigsaw puzzle: Harvest wagon Harvest wagon
  •  208
  •  319
  •  4.9
Jigsaw puzzle: Crossing Crossing
  •  280
  •  26
  •  4.8
Jigsaw puzzle: Mountain hut on Schaffberg Mountain hut on Schaffberg
  •  252
  •  21
  •  4.9
Jigsaw puzzle: Forge Forge
  •  204
  •  13
  •  4.9
Jigsaw puzzle: By the monastery fountain By the monastery fountain
  •  336
  •  21
  •  4.6
Jigsaw puzzle: Harvest Harvest
  •  266
  •  16
  •  4.9
Jigsaw puzzle: Mountain landscape Mountain landscape
  •  384
  •  58
  •  4.7
Jigsaw puzzle: Pets Pets
  •  500
  •  41
  •  4.9