Francesco Foschi

Francesco Foschi (1710-1780) Italian landscape painter of noble origin from Ancona. Foski established himself as an original painter, he was respectfully called "Foski's Knight". Every detail in his landscape drawings is expressive: the formidable rocks hanging over the travelers, and the dark tones of rock shining through the snow trampled on the road, and the precipice over the water, and the sharp turn of the road. Foski masterfully develops color, combining silvery-gray clouds, snowy mountains, using countless shades of white to represent snow. The interconnection of huge spaces, small figures and the language of the wild creates harmony with a certain amount of melancholic contemplation. The world captured on these canvases is inhospitable and harsh. Neither the sweetness nor the cunning, often inherent in the painters of the Rococo era, did not seep into the landscapes of Cavalier Fosca.