Ferdinand Wagner the Younger

Ferdinand Wagner the Younger (Ferdinand Wagner the Younger, 1847-1927) - German painter. He received his primary art education from his father, Ferdinand Wagner the Elder. Later, Wagner the Younger attended the Munich Academy of Arts and, having received the Rome Prize, lived in 1867-1868 in Italy.
After his return to Germany, he gained attention by painting a former wine bar in the Tenormeier in Munich, and subsequently received numerous commissions as a decorator.
He painted ceiling murals in the Munich cellar, the German Theater and the Festival Hall of the Court Brewery, decorated the castle in Drachburg near Königswinter, the Roth and Luitpold cafes in Munich and the Tivoli restaurant in London In Passau, he created two paintings in the Great Town Hall.
Ferdinand Wagner has received numerous awards at Passau. In 1887 he was awarded an honorary citizenship, and Ferdinand-Wagner-Straße and Ferdinand-Wagner-Hall in Ratskeler were named after him.

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