Edwin Longsden Long

English artist Edwin Longsden Long (1829-1891). After Edwin decided to become an artist, he moved to London and studied at the British Museum. In the first few years of his career, he painted portraits for the rich and famous for a long time. He also traveled extensively and spent some time in Spain, Egypt and Syria. His art was strongly influenced by his travel experiences in these countries. His favorite topics were Egypt, Bible stories, and ancient cultures.

Jigsaw puzzle: Sale of slaves Sale of slaves
  •  165
  •  91
  •  4
Jigsaw puzzle: Egyptian motives Egyptian motives
  •  330
  •  19
  •  4.9
Jigsaw puzzle: East market East market
  •  390
  •  26
  •  4.8
Jigsaw puzzle: In the harem In the harem
  •  294
  •  36
  •  4.8