David Galchutt

David Gulchutt was born in Southern California. His father worked as a graphic designer and his mother was a costume designer. As you can see, the environment is the most artistic, creative. And, having looked at the works of the artist, you, of course, will notice that the lessons of the parents were most directly reflected in their content.

After graduating from the College of Design, David began working as a professional illustrator in 1981. In his more than thirty-year career, the main focus has been on illustrations for children's publishing houses. Now he continues to work as a freelance artist for children's publishing houses and professionally creates the design of gift products.

Jigsaw puzzle: Toucans Toucans
  •  192
  •  336
  •  4.9
Jigsaw puzzle: In the forests of the Amazon In the forests of the Amazon
  •  176
  •  33
  •  4.9