Charles Hunt

The paintings of the artist Charles Hunt (1803 - 1877) attract with optimism, humor and enthusiasm.
Charles Hunt (1803-1877) - British painter and printmaker. The main part of Hunt's work was aimed at creating paintings depicting children, scenes of childish mischief and fun, which distinguished his work with lightness and comicity, and caused a feeling of carelessness. Only occasionally did the artist take on more "serious" themes, depicting nature and animals in a very naturalistic way, which earned him recognition. Until 1846, Hunt's works were often exhibited in private galleries, and only after sixty his works began to be exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts.
Charles Hunt exhibited at the Royal Academy between 1862 and 1873. He also exhibited at the British Institute and Suffolk Street. Royal Academy awards include “Vocal and Instrumental,” “The Banquet Scene,” “Macbeth,” and “Make Way for the Grand Jury.”
He is one of those artists who painted modern life in the 1850s, and achieved such a mastery that he continues to interest him in our time.

Jigsaw puzzle: In a country house In a country house
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Jigsaw puzzle: Beauty requires sacrifice Beauty requires sacrifice
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Jigsaw puzzle: On the farm On the farm
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Jigsaw puzzle: Departure of a soldier Departure of a soldier
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Jigsaw puzzle: Children playing Children playing "Hamlet"
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Jigsaw puzzle: Morning newspaper Morning newspaper
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