Angela Trotta Thomas

Angela Trotta Thomas is an American realist painter with an MA from Marywood University, Pennsylvania. She was enrolled in their famous Get Your Master With Masters program. Angela is the only artist licensed by Lionel Trains LLC. She has been painting Lionel's trains for almost 30 years. Her paintings focus on traditions that are passed down from generation to generation and the role of the child in them. Lionel's trains are part of real American life and she is fascinated by these sacred toys. “I strive to capture a fairytale state so that viewing pictures can take the viewer to a different time and place,” - says the artist.

Jigsaw puzzle: Shopping for the holiday Shopping for the holiday
  •  140
  •  6
  •  4.5
Jigsaw puzzle: car exhibition car exhibition
  •  280
  •  0
  •  0
Jigsaw puzzle: Dollhouse Dollhouse
  •  228
  •  287
  •  4.8
Jigsaw puzzle: The last stroke The last stroke
  •  300
  •  856
  •  4.8