Andreas Achenbach

Andreas Achenbach (Andreas Achenbach; 1815-1910) is a German landscape painter. Representative of the Dusseldorf School of Painting.
In 1828, together with his father, a merchant from Mannheim, he arrived in St. Petersburg, where four years later he entered the Academy of Arts. During his studies in St. Petersburg, he was rated as a mediocre student, which can be explained by the early individualism of the future reformer of painting.
After two years of painting training, Andreas Achenbach moved to Düsseldorf and continued his studies at the Academy of Arts with Friedrich Wilhelm Schadov and Johann Wilhelm Schirmer. This change led to positive changes in the artist's work.
Achenbach's early works were marked by romanticism, over time he began to paint realistic landscapes, contrasting with the romantic paintings created by his contemporaries.
A. Achenbach visited Sweden, Norway, Denmark, southern and northern Germany and the Tyrolean mountains, creating many interesting works. He also painted portraits.
In 1873 he went to Italy, where he lived for two years, mainly in Capri. From this period, mainly watercolors of the nature of southern Italy have been preserved.
The works of the Dutch masters of the 17th century had a great influence on A.Achenbach.
Andreas Achenbach is one of the founders of the modern German landscape. For the German school, he is a pioneer and reformer. Among his students were his own brother, Oswald Achenbach, and Albert Flamm.
Achenbach's works can be found in the New Pinakothek in Munich, art galleries in Berlin, Dresden, Darmstadt, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Leipzig, Hamburg, Frankfurt am Main.

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