Abbott Fuller Graves

Abbott Fuller Graves (1859 - 1936) - famous American impressionist painter. He is known for his floral still lifes and flowering gardens. As a child, he loved to paint with watercolors, but then decided to become an architect and entered the Institute of Technology in Boston. He did not complete his studies due to financial problems and worked in a greenhouse - he made flower bouquets. And in my free time I painted these bouquets. In 1878, Abbott Fuller Graves first exhibited his paintings at an art exhibition in Boston and immediately became famous. In 1891 he opened an art school in Boston.

Jigsaw puzzle: Garden still life Garden still life
  •  280
  •  12
  •  4.8
Jigsaw puzzle: Flowers Flowers
  •  308
  •  28
  •  4.7
Jigsaw puzzle: On the deck of a ship On the deck of a ship
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  •  89
  •  4.8